Monday Muses

Monday Muses is all about what’s inspired me in the last week. So expect a variety of things! To find out what I go to for inspiration, visit this post.

Inspiration for my current Work In Progress, #PrincessStory, has been very strange since I started working on it nearly two weeks ago, spent two days brainstorming and then started drafting.

I was watching the wonderful The Princess Diaries when I was reminded of a song – Stupid Cupid by Mandy Moore.

I now associate this with my main character, Olivia, and her love interest, Oscar. It’s starting to get to the point where whenever it comes on on Spotify, I just want to write about them two, even if I know I can’t at that moment in time.

I also wrote a scene set at Trooping the Colour, which meant that I had to listen to some music from it. Below is an example of a favourite piece, Les Huguenots, in action.

So that’s what inspired me recently!


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