Words on Wednesday

Words on Wednesday is going to be all about a part of the writing process as I do it, so look out for posts on drafting, revisions, and things in between and things that cover all of those things.

Today I’m going to talk about Magic Cookies.



As mentioned last week, Magic Cookies are important.

In my opinions there are two kinds of Magic Cookies: Book Magic Cookies and Scene Magic Cookies.

Book Magic Cookies are the things that make you want to write that book at that moment in time – the reason why you picked that idea over other ideas.

Finding the Book Magic Cookies should be easy, but if not then think about the spark and think about things that are exciting about this book. If it helps, write it down!


Whenever I’m stuck on a Work In Progress – drafting or revisions – I think about the magic cookies and daydream and go through my sources of inspiration until something clicks.

Scene Magic Cookies, as mentioned in last week’s Words on Wednesday, are the things that make you want to write a scene.

So how do I come up with Magic Cookies?

Generally, the first Magic Cookie is the spark that the book gave me. After that I go through my sources of inspiration,  brainstorming, until things click and something makes me be all like:


It’s the same for Scene Magic Cookies, which can take longer because I need to think about what happened in previous scenes and what needs to or what I want to happen next.

And now for one last, very important thing: if there are no magic cookies, don’t force it. It probably means that it’s not the right time to be working on something or a scene isn’t needed. YOU MUST ALWAYS BE EXCITED.


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