Words on Wednesday

Words on Wednesday is going to be all about a part of the writing process as I do it, so look out for posts on drafting, revisions, and things in between and things that cover all of those things.

Today’s Words on Wednesday is all about plot.

Plot is a funny thing. Sometimes you think about it, sometimes you don’t. Obviously when comes to writing, it gets thought about. A lot.


There are tons of structures in plot and different types of plot. But today I’m going to talk about it in relation to Stupid Cupid. 

Stupid Cupid is a Young Adult novel. I can’t quite decide on the genre today, but in terms of the plot, there’s going to be magical drugs, demigods and a ton of kissing.

Plot is what moves the story forwards. If it doesn’t move the story forwards, the story will stall and you and any readers will be like:


When everyone should be like:


Scenes have to have a cause and effect, so the best thing to do? Think but or and then and why. It’s also important to think about your characters’ emotional domiones, which I shall talk about next week. Everything has a cause and effect.

And of course things have to make sense. If something doesn’t make sense, then you need to figure out why. Is it an external issue – the plot – or is it an internal issue – the characters.

I’m still in the process of outlining Stupid Cupid, but I know roughly what I want from the book and what beats are important. I’ll be using this to determine what needs to happen next and the cause and effect of each scene, both externally and internally.

What do you think about in terms of plot?


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