Words on Wednesday

Words on Wednesday is going to be all about a part of the writing process as I do it, so look out for posts on drafting, revisions, and things in between and things that cover all of those things.

Today I’m going to talk about retellings. More specifically about what I think is important when it comes to writing them. This is because my current Work in Progress, Curiouser & Curiouser is a retelling of the children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 

With no further ado, here are the things that are important when it comes to writing a retelling:

What do you love?

With any retelling, whether it’s a retelling of a fairytale, a retelling of a myth or legend, or a retelling of a classic story, there has to be a reason behind why you chose to do a retelling of that particular story, a reason why you love that story and are drawn to write a retelling of it. Is it the characters? Is it the plot? Is it the setting? What do you love about it? For example, the reason why I was drawn to do a retelling of Cinderella is because I love the concept and the reason I was drawn to do a retelling of Alice in Wonderland is because of my love of the original story and how complex it could be.

What’s been done before?

With any classic story, myth or fairytale, there is always a very strong chance that it has been retold before, in a lot of cases, more than once, so look around. What’s been done before? With Cinderella retellings, there are a lot set in modern day. Alice in Wonderland retellings tend to be dark. Find out what’s been done before so you can make your retelling as different as possible.

What do you want?

What do you want from a retelling? Do you want a different setting? Different characters? Different POV? With my Cinderella retelling I decided that  I wanted it to be from the POV of the fairy godmother and with my Alice in Wonderland retelling, I decided I wanted a friendship book.

There are my tips for writing a retelling. Have you got any?


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