Words on Wednesday 

Just remembered this blog post and just dropping a quick line to say that the words are going well and I am making epic progress with the outline.  


Words on Wednesday: After Ever After

This is another week that has been going very well writing wise. 

Not only have I finally moved onto Chapter 4, but I have hit my 200 hours goal. 

In the coming week, my goal is to make as much progress on the outline as possible – in an ideal universe it will be finished soon!

What has your writing been like this week? 

Monday Muses


This is one of those weeks where nothing in particular stands out as inspirational. I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Wednesday which was inspiring, but then so was the Chronicles of Narnia!

Is there anything that stands out as inspirational for you this week? 

Words on Wednesday: After Ever After 

This week has been going very well writing wise!

I finally finished Chapter 3. I’m onto Chapter 4 and I’m hoping to make lots of progress with it this week. I’m in love with these characters and I am excited to see how their stories will enfold. 

How did your writing go this week?