STORYBOOK ENDINGS – YA Paranormal Romance – With Critique Partners and Beta Readers

Margot, a fairy godmother in training, has to give a girl a happy ending in a competition to become fully qualified, the challenge of her life. A modern Cinderella retelling.

ROYAL WISH LIST – YA Contemporary Fantasy – On hold

Fifteen year old Princess Olivia doesn’t want to be Queen of the United Kingdom. So when a genie appears in her life, promising to grant her wishes, she takes it. Little does she know that sometimes you really do have to be careful of what you wish for.

STUPID CUPID – YA Paranormal Romance – Resting

Nicky Valentine is totally useless when it comes to romance. So when he finds out he’s the son of Cupid, he’s understandably thinking WTF. But then he meets a girl who  turns his life upside down…

Sienna Blevins is a daughter of Mars. She’s anti-romance all the way. But then she meets a boy who turns her life upside down…

Opposite attract in this YA Paranormal Romance inspired by Roman mythology.

CURIOUSER & CURIOUSER – YA Fantasy – Drafting

In this retelling of children’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, three teenagers end up in Wonderland and have adventures that none of them ever expected to have. Told from three POVs.


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