Words on Wednesday: Daisy Chain

This week, I started drafting Daisy Chain!

I’m only on Chapter 2, but that’s because of a combination of real life, the outlining method, and now, the fact that I’m trying to roughly structure where my characters go in terms of museums. I’m hoping that getting that out of the way now will make it make more sense and make it easier for me to work out where to go if I see an opportunity for on-location research, especially with the job I have – the fact that I work half-day on Friday and it’s not in the office all the time.

The things I’m most excited about? Figuring out ways to add history references and kissing. So much kissing!

now kiss


Words on Wednesday

As you may or may not have seen yesterday, I started working on a new project that I’m hoping to draft in April.

It’s a NA romance called Daisy Chain. It’s set in London over a summer and I’m hoping there will be a lot of references to history, seeing as they meet in a museum, and kissing. I am so excited!


To prep it, I’m working on the Prewrite Project from She’s Novel that is helping loads already with my characters and things like my ideal reader. Hoping it get it done by Friday…