Monday Muses: Update 

This week I was inspired by all sorts of things that led to finishing  the main part of the prep – the brainstorming. Stuff like Pinterest and adding songs to the playlist can be done bit by bit in October and I will focus on finishing them in the last week, along with outlining the opening scene. 

This means that there will be no more writing blog posts until then. 🙂


Words on Wednesday: #MagiciansYA

This week, the #MagiciansYA brainstorming and NaNoWriMo prep continued to go well. 

I’m now trying to work out the magic that is used in the book. It involves a combination of magic tricks and belief which means that I’ll need to do research on magic tricks. 

Here is a book I’m going to read for research. 

Once I’ve worked out more about magic tricks and what each category of tricks can do, I’ll be pretty much ready in terms of magic. 

What was your writing like this week? 

Monday Muses 

This week, still in the brainstorming stages, I was inspired by one of my favourites: TV Tropes. 

It has helped me work out stuff about my characters and plot and now I’m working on the magic in #MagiciansYA, which now has the working title THE MAGICIAN, I expect it will definitely help me there. 

What inspired you this week? 

Words on Wednesday: #MagiciansYA

Brainstorming is going well! I did a fair bit while in Spain. 🙂

I’m currently working out plot stuff, which means working out the key events in each plot line. Which is actually not as easy as you think. 

I’m hoping to finish the plot stuff this week and then I can move onto setting and world building. Which may be the hardest thing. 

How has your writing gone this week? 

Monday Muses 

This week, while in Spain, I was inspired by the sunshine and the books that I’m reading. While I had a book, I think going to different places helped me. 

What inspired you this week? Has ever being somewhere else helped you? 

Words on Wednesday: New Project 

It’s all change here this week!

After deciding that I needed help from potential critique partners on Storybook Endings, I typed up what I had so far and sent it to them. 

Now I’m working on a new project, which I’m preparing for NaNoWriMo 2016! It’s going by the hashtag #MagiciansYA and I’m loving working on it. 

I did my magic cookies list – I might do a future blog post on these, actually – and now I’m working on characters! 

Here is my character profile page on Dylan, my main character. She’s a girl and I did check, Dylan is a Welsh girl’s name!

Once I’ve worked out some notes on my major characters I shall move onto plot. I’m aware that I will discover things about them as I outline as I go and draft, so I’ve left space for notes and questions for each character. I’m hoping it will be enough. 

What are you working on this week? Have you started preparing for NaNoWriMo yet?