Words on Wednesday 

This has been a very good two weeks for writing. Not only have I gone past 10K but I am coming very close to a very exciting part of the book! 

How did your writing go this week? 


Monday Muses

This week I was inspired by two things, related to fairytales. 

TV Tropes: knowing what tropes are in fairytales has helped me work out how to subvert them and add them to my book in a way that suits my vision

Reading: my reading in the past week has helped me see how things can be familiar but still have a fun twist, something I really want for this book and collection. 

What inspired you this week? 

Words on Wednesday: After Ever After

The past two weeks have been rather busy, writing wise, but I suppose that is what happens when you have been on annual leave. 

I’ve finished the Prewrite Project and I have been making slow but steady progress with the outline. I’m pretty sure I will finish it by the end of the month and get onto drafting Midnight Kiss, but we’ll see what happens. 

How has your writing gone over the festive period?