Words on Wednesday: Searching for Princess Charming

Writing has been going really well! 

*happy dance* 

I’ve been speeding through plot wise, but I’m not too concerned because I know that any problems can be fixed in revisions. At this point, I’m focusing on getting the story down. 

I’ve also started graphing out the key scenes in my notebook as I go which is an incredibly colourful experience. 


Words on Wednesday: Searching for Princess Charming

Writing Searching for Princess Charming is continuing to be a totally awesome experience! 

I’m making progress with the plot and I am currently working on character arcs, which is a challenge but incredibly useful. 

What has your writing week been like? 

NOTE: I’m in Porto next week so there is no guarantee that there will be a post next Wednesday or even Monday depending on WiFi.  

Words on Wednesday

I’m so excited about Searching for Princess Charming!

The words are flowing, the plot is making sense and I’m loving the characters. 

I haven’t got into the kissing yet but there is a lot of magic going on, a lot of flirting from a side character to another side character which is so much fun to write from my main chatacter’s point of view, and my main character is being as sassy as ever. I can’t wait to see how this book will go, and even though I know the ending, I think there are going to be a lot more surprises in store! 

How is your writing going this week?

Monday Muses

This week I was heavily inspired by one of my favourites when it comes to research and inspiration: Wikipedia. 

I know it’s not always accurate, but sometimes a little snippet on an article is enough to trigger an idea or remind me of a fact. 

What inspired you this week?