Words on Wednesday: Storybook Endings 

Revisions are going well! 

It’s hard – and I’ve remembered that I’m terrible at description and I have no idea how to fix it! 

Hopefully I’m one step closer to getting some CPs that might be able to help me with that! 


Monday Muses

This has been yet another week where nothing in particular has inspired me. I’m not sure why but there hasn’t been. Maybe it’s because I’m working on the hard part of revisions… 

Has anything inspired you this week? 

Monday Muses

This week I was inspired by the awesomeness that is Once Upon A Time! It even helped me with a Twitter pitch that led to potential critique partners! 

What inspired you this week?

Words on Wednesday: Storybook Endings

Revisions are continuing to go well! 

I have so many new scenes to write that it’s daunting, but I’m making my way through them and am determined to get through them. 

Hopefully once I’ve got all of those new scenes done – and existing scenes edited – and sent to beta readers and/or critique partners in the form of a shinier draft, I will feel better. But I suppose this is what will happen when you don’t plan a very important part of the book before revising the first time, or even in the first draft! In this case, the competition that is the whole point of the plot. 

How has writing gone for you guys this week? 

Words on Wednesday: Storybook Endings

Revisions are going well! *happy dancing*

I’ve worked out what my perfect book is and did an epic Plan of Attack on my very colourful index cards. 

Now I’m in the beginning stages of writing in changes. That involves pen and paper. A lot of pen and paper. There are a lot of new scenes because I worked out the competition in this book, so it may take a while, but I’m hoping to get this stage done by the end of September. Thank goodness for a holiday to Spain next month! 

How has your writing gone this week? 

Words on Wednesday: Storybook Endings

I’m back working on the version of Storybook Endings that I love! 

I wasn’t going to, but then a little while ago I realised that I should’ve stuck to this version, instead of going through many failed rewrites, and worked out the problems. 

The read through made me like:

The task of working out the problems made me like:

And the current task, the process of honing everything and working out my Perfect Book, is making me like:

How has your writing gone this week?