Monday Muses: Update 

This week I was inspired by all sorts of things that led to finishing  the main part of the prep – the brainstorming. Stuff like Pinterest and adding songs to the playlist can be done bit by bit in October and I will focus on finishing them in the last week, along with outlining the opening scene. 

This means that there will be no more writing blog posts until then. 🙂


Reading Break

I’m going on a reading break which means that for a little while, the only regular posts will be Friday Reads. This is because I am waiting for stuff to arrive from Amazon to work on book baby #1, Storybook Endings, with, and reading will also help clear my head. I hope.


Hi, this is just a quick update to say that after struggling with drafting for WEEKS, I’m going to be focusing on revisions, which means working on Stupid Cupid again!

Update #1

I stopped working on Curiouser & Curiouser.

I got stuck on it, so I’ve gone back to Storybook Endings. I’ve started doing a ton of new world building for this book, based on new ideas I have, but it’s a little slow because of how complex it is and Christmas.

I’m hoping to get a fair amount done in the next week though so wish me luck.